Turnkey Websites Included with your membership!

  • Professionally designed by OUR staff for you to use or resell!
  • EXCLUSIVE! These websites are ONLY available here at Coniac Publishing!
  • 100% easy to use and customizable by you.
  • Great income generator!
  • New websites added on a regular basis!


"Exclusive" Turnkey Websites


100% Automated Turnkey Websites




Turnkey Websites with Resale Rights


   Turnkey websites, much like turnkey business' have become very popular because they provide your customers their own instant business website without having to start from scratch.  They can make tons of money without having to worry about traditional overhead costs of a physical storefront and everyday operations. 

   Turnkey websites will sell very well to your customers who need another source of income and don't have too much time or money to spend. 

   You will have resale rights to the top turnkey website here at Coniac Publishing which you can sell as many times as you want and keep all the money - best of all, many of our turnkey websites are exclusive here and have sold for hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Turnkey Websites Included with your Membership!

You have the access to all the best turnkey websites available anywhere!  Specifically created by the staff of Coniac Publishing and only available here, these sites can be downloaded and operated by yourself or resold to others!

*Featured Websites*

Flash Video Games Site

One of the best and classiest website business' to own and operate!  Members pay a tournament fee, which you set, in order to enter the tournament games and compete for prizes!  Other sources of income from this site include a banner rotation and statistics system already set up for advertisers and well as the ability to EASILY integrate revenue programs such as Google AdSense and Clicksor.  Can be easily setup with your Paypal account or other payment processors to receive money from members!

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Software Downloads Membership Site

This is one of the best and easiest website business' to own!

As owner, you own the rights to resell the software on the site as many times over as you want with the included licenses!  The software included with this website business numbers over 50 different titles which can also be sold offline as well! 100% profit margins...

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MP3 Self Help Hypnosis Audiobooks Download Membership Site

Be the owner in one of the most lucrative industries today.  have ownership of your very own MP3 audiobook download site complete with licensed audiobooks which you will have the rights to sell and keep 100% of the profits!  Included with this website business is 6 full hypnosis audiobooks which can be downloaded by your member's computer and played on their MP3 player, computer or CD player!

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